fairy toast, three ways

yo. listen to this thing that kids eat in australia: bread with butter and (wait for it) sprinkles. 


that's it! it even has a cute name! it's called fairy bread. i think i'm actually probably really late to the game on this one, but i just can't get over how adorable everything is about it. it's like five-second funfetti. the happiest open-faced sandwich in all the land. the life of the australian birthday party. the new number one reason why i want to go to australia (sorry, koalas!!!). 

look at this buzzfeed list of fun fairy bread-inspired recipes. 

when i received my new best friend, the toaster, over the holidays (thank you, stella!!!!!!!!), it was clear that there would be only one way to christen it. fairy toast. on big thick bread, with silly toppings. it was so much fun. usually when i use that many sprinkles, i have to earn it by way of baking a cake, frosting it, etc., but this time i just had to toast bread and it felt so wrong but so so right.

for a good smile, try this.

fairy toast, three ways

the olivia newton-john (classic) // white toast + butter + sprinkles

the healthy one // multigrain toast + coconut butter + naturally dyed sanding sugar

the lorde (lively and far from traditional) // sourdough toast + butter + sweetened condensed milk + bits of marzipan