a cake calendar!

i am so excited to announce the release of this extraordinarily fun thing that i have been working on with one of my very favorite design shops, brown parcel press:


a 2016 cake calendar!!!!


cue the music! cue the disco ball! cue being able to have your cake and eat it too because this calendar comes with recipes for sprinkle cake, chocolate macaroon cake, rosemary pony cake, and never-before-seen strawberry basil mini cakes! (wait, oh shit, they have been seen before, but their recipe has not!)

this is the first time i've ever done a collaboration like this (hopefully not the last!) and i'm sooo happy that it got to be with megan because she is the bee's knees and monstrously talented and she uses the good paper. ðŸ™ŒðŸ» if i've written you a greeting card in the past year, chances are good that it was on her avocado toast card or sunny side up egg card. i love them so much! 

this is also the first time i've hawked a physical product since junior high when i had to sell gallon tubs of pre-made cookie dough to fundraise for my synchronized ice skating team so forgive me if i'm clumsy at telling you to buy things (i'll consider it practice for my book???) but all of the details for buying this calendar are right this way.

and to answer a question that you may or may not have had: no way josé, it is not too early to start buying your chrismukkah gifts!!