pretzel mandel bread + farm scenes + friday links

i am not at all surprised that within five minutes of meeting his first sugar beet, my pops had already taken 10,000 selfies with one and then eaten it like an apple, dirt and all. he is basically just a more extreme version of me when it comes to picture taking and eating. a more extreme version with a much larger stomach capacity. he really enjoyed his time around the farm! he had to wear eggboy's boots as to not get his little dainty city shoes dirty, but once he got into the fields, he was so excited about the sugar beets that he decided we should make a cake about it. so we subbed a sugar beet for carrots in a carrot cake recipe and watched the new york phil on the tv while it baked and i didn't really like it. i hated it. everyone else seemed to like it, but i just couldn't choke it down, and i hate it when the last thing i've made is bad, so the next chance i got, i whipped up this pretzel mandel bread. it's sweet, it's savory, it's pretzel-y, and it's just in time for a yom kippur break-the-fast and the season premiere of homeland this sundaythe recipe is up on jew and the carrot!

friday links!


i cannot wait to make this hungarian chicken with spaetzleperfect for the snowy (!!!) weather that's been in the forecast.

this is the sweetest, most beautiful restaurant review

new goal: appear on this website (in the background, sticking my tongue out)

oh so lovely vintage blogged about grand forks!!! i feel like a proud mommy.

can i register for a pet piggy?

i need this polenta in my life!

tahini + coconut + rosewater cakeyes!

animal crackers in ice cream, i am sold.

 <3 the new puzzle muteson album <3

it's not easy being so far from a momofuku milk bar, but luckily there is this cereal milk ice cream recipe!

this ricotta maple + sand pear cake is soooo pretty!

bacon cinnamon rolls need no explanation, right???

say this low and slow: buuuuuuuttttterrrrr tarrrrrts

last but absolutely not least, i am totally obsessed these new linens that i've been using all week (and will no doubt continue to use). they come from stitch new york and they're all handmade in a tiny apartment in new york! from now until the end of the year, you can get 15% off of your order with the code (in all caps): stitchlovesmolly

have a great weekend everybody!!!!