secret cake + friday links + a mustard giveaway

eggboy doesn't know it yet, but i have plans to take over the old workshop, the oldest building on the farm. it's home to the most magical natural light, it's heated with a wood stove, and i'm going to nail a sign above the door that says "cake house." i'm going to sit in my cake house all day and listen to opera and make cake, and when i've made too much, i'll erect a big neon sign at the end of our driveway that says "cake, this way" and people driving by can stop in for a slice and a spot of tea. i'll have a wall of sprinkles and a little craft corner where people can make their own cake toppers out of felt and ribbon. it'll be the cutest. there will be a password to get in.

...speaking of passwords and cake, i made secret cake.

it's for a friend's sister who is having a gender reveal party for the tiny human in her belly! the party isn't until tomorrow so i can't tell you the color of the cake or the color of the candy that is going to pour out of it when she and her husband slice it open. but i can tell you that i used a double batch of this delicious velvety cake (and dyed it either pink or blue) to make four 8-inch rounds, cut 4-inch circles out of the centers of two of the cakes using a small coffee can, and then stacked them all up with a bunch of pink or blue candy in the middle. like this. i sealed the sucker off with buttercream, used jordan's tutorial to get those nifty scallops, and topped it with gold sprinkles and felt flags. then i played around with the two leftover 4-inch circles and some cream cheese frosting. i tested out some linda-inspired frosting looks that i've been wanting to try, and settled on a rustic ball of glee, topped with naturally dyed sanding sugar.

i made a huge mess, but as mum always says, a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen.

friday links!


it's scotch egg porn

i love love lovvvve the new new brooklyn rider album

you know i don't eat bananas, but this banana cake for harry styles is...bananas. file under: inspiration for my mandy patinkin/benedict cumberbatch fangirl cakes.   

this week in tahini and marzipan: pumpkin tahini bread and a plum and marzipan galetteyes!

this is the huckleberry cookbook as outfit inspiration!

"easy" and "laminated," an unlikely pair of words, smooshed together so elegantly with nutella.

hokkaido milk bread, get in my belly.

not that i wouldn't cross the pond just for dessert at st. john bread & wine, but look, we can now have their donuts anywhere.

i can totally spell zwetschgendatschi.

this fried cauliflower ciabatta sandwich reminds me of the schnitzel sandwiches from the schnitzel truck that i used to get all the time. i must make this soon.

and i also must make this carbonara soon. as soon as i find chinese sausage up in this town. 

lastly, my friend sara from cake over steak is working hard with her brand new husband (!!!) and father-in-law to take their condiment business to the next level!! they've got a kickstarter going and they're giving away a variety pack of goodies to one of you! to enter this giveaway, leave a comment here or on Facebook with your favorite condiment. (open to u.s. residents only!)

update: this giveaway is now closed.

happy weekend everyone!!!