farm supper + friday links + a giveaway winner

last weekend i made challah, hummus, and israeli salad for 130 people at the oldest farm in the red river valley. it was so much fun! i toughed out the bugs, used tomatoes and cukes from the garden across the road, and didn't even get too sheepish when i had to go in front of everyone and take a bow (curtsy?) for my hummus. the rest of the menu featured delicious goodies made by chefs from some of my favorite fargo restaurants. working alongside them to prep and plate all of our dishes was one of the coolest things ever. it felt good plating things that were going to be eaten immediately by real live strangers and not just scraped into a tupperware container to be picked at later by eggboy, like most of my blog recipes. maybe one day i'll have my own 130-person supper at our farm. every course would be cake.

friday links!!

my soundtrack this week has been the new karen o album. her voice always reminds me of the fall because of that time i listened to the where the wild things are soundtrack over and over and over and that was during the fall.

i would like a handful of these salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas please.

fried pork + salad = you have broken even with healthiness, you have nothing to worry about, it's math.

eggboy wanted you to know that the three paragraphs i have written here on avocado toast detail exactly how i make my toast on an almost-daily basis. i didn't b.s. you at all, scout's honor.

three things that speak for themselves: coconut macaroon filled peaches, spiked pistachio cupcake milkshakes, and tim tam slam macarons. i mean...?!?!!!

there is a serious amount of beauty happening up in here.

our friends up in winterfell made a new yummy thing!

i want drawing skills like demetria.

and the winner of last week's giveaway melissa king! step right up, sista!

happy weekend everyone!!!

does anyone have anything fun planned?? i'll be having an apple picking party and then rooting hard for miss illinois in miss america this weekend!