la jolla scenes + friday links

this time last week i was kickin it on the beach while my dad and mia went searching for itsy bitsy crabs. she's a fearless one, that mia. i don't think i would have touched such a scary little animal when i was eight... i don't think i would do that now. don't they pinch??

i had so many fun photos from the whole week, including some of mia making speculoos pancake mini cakes (it wasn't even my suggestion!) and a ton from my grandparents' house, where my dad grew up. but somehow aliens or lip gloss or something invaded my camera and deleted most of my photos. it made me such a sad panda :( at least i have photographic proof that i ordered all the animal style things and spent some time in the sun, letting my birkenstock tan continue into absurdity. 

in other news, here are some friday links! eggboy was going to do some last friday but he got a little bit sheepish and scared that nobody would like his farm news articles.

we watched our first episode of the leftovers this week and thought it was really, extra weird before realizing that we accidentally watched the eighth episode first. oops. does anyone watch it?? should we continue??

i am very much in love with this breakfast column. i didn't know that breakfast could get much better, but i mean, look: breakfast banh mi english muffins and savory french toast with kimchi??!?!!!!?!?1! i can't wait to see what pops up next thursday.

speaking of french toast, i cannot get these french toast sandwiches with peaches and fresh mozzarella out of my brain.

and also on the subject of breakfast, these blue cheese waffles!!!!

inspired by steph's california roll nachos and cynthia's bulgogi nachos, i think some nachos are going to be on the menu this weekend when eggboy is doing extra labor on labor day and i am taking the day off, say yes to the dress-style.

tristen's "no one's gonna know" was love at first listen.

so was postmodern jukebox.

according to my new favorite app, authentic weather, it's fucking cloudy and fucking fall and fucking probably not summer anymore, which i'm excited about, except i need it to be summer for just a few minutes longer so i can eat these frozen s'mores ice cream sandwiches

this is a really delightful interview about st. john bread and wine and it brought me back to one of my most favorite meals.

hi, sesame things are the key to my heart: this noodle bowl and this salad, please enter my belly.

bacon, pear, and blue cheese macaroni with caramelized onions... that speaks for itself, no??

do you guys ever do the taco stack? i love a taco stack. way less messy than a regular taco.

i've been saving up ashley's food photography tips of the week to read all at once when i'm feeling studious, and i just started and i'm mad that i didn't start sooner!

someone around here needs to have a birthday soon so i can make these beautiful butterfly cake toppers.

yay, izy!!!!

*clearly* i need to go to new orleans so i can experience nectar flavored things.

it's a hamburger croquette! or a menchi katsu. (unrelated but kind of related: does anyone else obsess over menchie's?)

these where the wild things are cakes made me gasp and suddenly crave a listen to the movie's soundtrack, which i once did on repeat for two months. 

i once heard that coconut water helps with hangovers. so would it be safe to assume that one couldn't possibly get a hangover from these gin and tonics???

yes push pops. yes cake push pops. yes this cake!

i would like to transplant this studio onto the farm. no boys in muddy farm boots allowed.

i tried blue apron a few weeks ago and became instantly obsessed. it's like lunchables for grownups. you should all try it. (and the first 50 people that order from this link get their first two meals free!)

eggboy and i are going to be booking our honeymoon soon! we're hoping to make it to norway and sweden, but these hot dogs have officially made me want to push for a few days in denmark too. hehe.

have a wonderful long weekend, everybody!!!!!