white peach + green tea bellini

but molly, this isn't a drink blog and you have the tolerance of a seven-year-old. i know. i know. but white peaches are pretty, i have a brunch club to attend, and i feel like shaking things up a bit!

...you have a brunch club to attend?!

yeah! because when a town offers very few brunch places, you make one. and you call it a club because it sounds cool. and you bring booze because you're still kind of new in town and slightly awkward around new people... and because boozy brunches are the best brunches?!

(that last question is brought to you by the letter "b")

i know, i'm excited too. 

this super summery, peachy keen, slightly caffeinated cocktail is easy enough to make in a pre-coffee haze and delicious enough to enjoy at all hours of the day, not just brunch time. but let's be real: all hours on a sunday are brunch time.

white peach + green tea bellini

1 part muddled white peach

1 part gin

2 parts prosecco

2 parts teavana® shaken iced peach green tea lemonade*

...swirl it all up and garnish with peach slices!

sugary rim job, optional

happy weekend, everyone!!!


*be sure to try starbucks' other teavana shaken iced teas: teavana® shaken iced blackberry mojito tea lemonade™ and teavana® shaken iced black tea lemonade™! teavana® iced teas are premium loose leave teas shaken by hand 10 times to mix and unlock the unique flavors.

disclosure: this post was sponsored by starbucks through their partnership with popsugar. while i was compensated by popsugar to write a post about starbucks, all opinions are my own.