choco tacos + friday links

happy fourth of july, everyone!!!!!! if you, like me, forgot about the fourth until two days ago, don't panic. you can still have a really fun party, even if it's just you and your cat and a taco. these choco tacos, which are up on food52 this week, only require really basic ingredients that you might (should) have in your kitchen already. and they're actually very easy to make, so it's ok if you're half in the bag already. go get the recipe here!

also check out these hot dog toppings. i am most excited about the furikake and everything bagel seasoning.

two weeks ago, i met up with toddwho had just wrapped up a boozy snow cone shoot (!!!) now that i'm seeing the photos, i am mad at myself for not just straight up crashing his shoot. 

as if each sound was dipped in butter.

it's another kind of chocolaty taco, but a savory kind! perrrrfect.

i plan on grilling a lot of fruit this weekend. specifically for this caramelized peach caprese.

steamed buns instead of a pita with your souvlaki? that is albert einstein genius. 

explain, how is a wedding diet in the cards when things like the funnel cake burger and this curly cheese fry burger and hand pie ice cream sandwiches are floating around the internet?

pop rocks truffles!!!!!!!