new york

in a way, it was like i never left. and in much the same way, i haven't one clue how i lived here for six years. how did i ride the subway every day? how did i do all of my grocery shopping with a basket and not a cart? how did i not spend all of my money on smelly cheese and pistachio cake at bklyn larder

(how did i sleep through the hum hum humming of the falafel truck out front and roommate patrick's 3am passion-pit-soundtracked no-girls-allowed patio parties? (i love you, patrick!!!))

and on the other hand: ask a 22-year-old me how i would ever be able to live more than two subway stops from the nearest pork bun, and no, i would not have been able to tell you.

today i go home to the farm after three weeks of making music, spending time with old friends and new, and eating approximately everything. i'll go home with a very full belly, an even more full heart, and a ring on it! i wish i could give all of my friends here one more hug, but i mustn't be long, as i've got to go home and plan a (omgomgomgomg) wedding.

here are a few of my favorite links and things from this past week in new york:

my first stop when i got to new york was black seed bagel with donny. it was a very tasty first stop and a good primer for the roberta's, the mission chinese, and the peekskill simple sour at the dog-friendly bar that i would later have with him. (hashtag my wedding diet starts tomorrow?)

i had three halvah desserts that i cannot get out of my head: an ooey gooey sandwich cookie at mimi's hummus, sticky crunchy halvah ice cream at the russ and daughter's cafe, and the kadaif at hummus place, which is covered in a mountain of shredded halvah. i later bought some shredded halvah from sahadi's to take home with me.

my first time performing in central park was with the knights last tuesday and it was so much fun. you can listen to the concert online!

the steak salad at five points. i want it every day of my life.

maria and i went dress shopping and saw pnina in real life and i got all kinds of starstruck. my kleinfeld experience was magnificent, but i think perhaps the wedding dresses at veka were much more farm girl me

tema introduced me to bakeri and i had a total cute attack.

yesterday's beautiful morning turned into a glorious afternoon in prospect park with some of my most favorite humans. the good people behind dolly and oatmeal, two red bowls, cake over steak, food52, apt. 2b baking co., and the tart tart came out for some serious noshing. serious noshing. and instagramming, obviously.

and but really, if i had to marry a restaurant and not eggboy, i would marry bklyn larder.

bye bye for now, new york!