chocolate cupcakes with matcha green tea frosting

this morning i got off the star ferry at hong kong island. i was with mum and stoop and we were winding our way through the walkways as i texted aziz to let him know we'd be there for the day. i couldn't hardly wait to take mum and stoop to eat sugar-coated pork buns and mini cakes at ms. b's cakery. we were gonna go to yardbird, i was gonna show them the escalator. it was going to be the best day ever!

and then suddenly god was singing, in his best taylor swift voice, "we (bam!) are never ever everrrr getting back togetherrrrrr!!!" 

and eggboy had one foot out the door on his way to pick up wheat seed.

and mumbles the penguin was giving me stuffed animal eye from his seat by the window, while beyond him the sun and the evergreens giggled in my direction.

and i was not in hong kong.

the worst, right?!

luckily there were chocolate cupcakes and a pound of unsalted butter on my counter.

...that softened that blow.

you know, we say we're an egg-centric household, but i think in my real dreams, cake is my ideal breakfast. and guess what? eez my birthday month! so i'm gonna have just that, with green tea frosting because i am so into green tea and its beautiful natural green color these days. 

chocolate cupcakes with matcha green tea frosting

makes 24 cupcakes


1 batch of my favorite chocolate cupcakes

4 sticks unsalted butter, softened

3 c powdered sugar

2 tsp matcha green tea powder

1 tsp vanilla extract


once cakes are baked and cooled, beat together the butter, sugar, matcha powder, and vanilla. taste and add more sugar and/or matcha if desired.

frost away! (i have been having so much fun practicing these frosting techniques)

enjoy for breakfast :)