bubble tea + friday links

one moscow mule + one moscow mule = a hangover? is this what 25 is like? oy veyzmir. someone get me toast. 

the good news is, i attribute some of this morning's face-ache to all of the smiles that you guys caused me yesterday from your sweet sweet birthday messages. i wish i could hug all of you and give you cake!!!!! since i can't (i'm probably too smelly for a good hug anyway), i am going to hug george and rattle off some links before going downtown to celebrate my dad's birthday this afternoon. (happy birthday, pops!!!)

i am over at food52 today with a recipe for homemade bubble tea! this homemade option has really done wonders to my life, considering that the closest chinatown to the farm is in canada. and the post includes a brass boba straw that eggboy made! it was fun until we realized it probably wasn't the safest thing to drink from...

my memorial day menu is growing growing. so far, i've got salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes, sriracha honey lime chicken, korean bbq short rib dogsand bacon pineapple burgers with candied jalapeños. that will be enough meat, no? what are all of you guys making??

i have been listening to owen pallet's first listen on repeat this week.

how is it that food processors are so photogenic?!

this is proof that the google campus is actually willy wonka's factory (there's a bike that churns ice cream!!!!!) 

two of my favorite ingredients are also the most expensive, so i'll best be trying my hand at homemade tahini and homemade marzipan.

i get very excited about sweet things getting a savory twist, like this croque monsieur bread pudding (omg) and savory french toast with kimchi (!!!!!!!!!). 

last night my birthday ended as it should have: beginning the most recent season of dancing with the stars. but i am already distraught: should i be rooting for meryl to fall in love with charlie? or maks???!!?!!!!

happy loooooong weekend everybody!!!!!!!