baked falafel with kale, shallots, and sumac tahini sauce

the farm is entirely too far away from a grocery store. 

i probably have a really low tolerance for this since i've always lived within spitting distance of a grocery store, or at least a bodega. 

but i get it. it's a farm, we're supposed to grow our own food? we can't only eat sugar beets though. and what do we do while our chickies are still growing, and same for our rhubarb?

(should i learn how to can?) produce section of choice, the super target, is about half an episode of prairie home companion away, which isn't so bad when prairie home companion is actually on, but when it isn't, going there is such a chore. even when i know that skyr and a casual stroll by the bakeware section await me at the other end.

so i've started to make a mental list of things that can be prepared with ingredients i usually have on hand. i discovered that falafel was one of those things when i was inspired by whitney's baked falafel recipe to make batches and batches of the stuff, each with their own variations. eventually i realized that you can basically grind up chickpeas with anything, add a lot cumin, some coriander, and have some type of falafel

so i made a recipe that has some simple ingredients that i pretty much always keep in the kitchen: kale, shallots, a butt ton of garlic, a simple can of chickpeas, and lots of spices. and i wrote about it for molly on the range! if you are more of a spinach or chard person than a kale person, or don't have shallots but do have some onions, you can for sure make those substitutions. you can serve these puppies with any type of salad, in a pita, or just eat them straight!

get the recipe here.