a birthday list

every year it's the same: mum takes me shopping for a new jo malone perfume and some other fun goodies, stoop gets me a very outrageous gift in the realm of a hello kitty rice maker, and my dad buys me a plane ticket for the family get-together/chamber music festival hybrid in la jollait's great and i wouldn't have it any other way.

except for this year. the year i turn 25. "25 is the year when a woman finally knows what she wants in life," said an issue of cosmo girl that i read in probably the 90s. so this year i am making a birthday list for everyone in my life to see, in case they feel like getting me a real, big girl gift for my birthday next week:

1. for meryl davis and charlie white to be in love

2. a wii game where you sword fight jon snow. because: it would be a workout and you would learn sweet sword fighting skills and you would look at jon snow. and then when you beat jon snow, you'd graduate to ragnar lothbrok level because we all know who would win in a fight.

3. like, a soda fountain but instead of soda that comes out, sprinkles come out. and then next to it, a tahini fountain. and then next to that, a coconut milk fountain so i can make this each and every night without having to use the can opener. i hate the can opener. 

4. a rain cloud over our house. so i could always have that cozy light and the pitter patter of rain drops. but maybe it could be a cloud that doesn't interrupt farming?

5. a baby goat and a little sheepdog to herd the goat and make sure he doesn't eat anything he's not supposed to and they would be very good friends .

6. a flying delorean, a hoverboard, a hydrator that will make a pizza hut pizza in four seconds.

7. the arrival of popsicle season/tomato season. did i mention it snowed this week? i liked it but also i am ready to eat these and these and these and cake popsicles!  

8. one live-stream, that is all i ask, of the new justin peck/sufjan stevens ballet.

9. a cake made out of cheese fries

this is a reasonable list, perhaps? i mean mostly i am just excited to see my family next week, but a hoverboard and a goat friend and the instant changing of the seasons wouldn't hurt, right?

anywho. happy pizza friday to you all! i am going to make this here quinoa pizza tonight!

have a wonderful weekend!!


p.s. more soon on the cake in the picture!!!!