red velvet coconut macaroon cake

we started packing last night. i'm currently sitting in a sea of boxes filled with books i've been meaning to read and clothes i haven't worn since my city days and we're about to tape them up and bring them down the road to the farm because by the end of the month, i'll officially not have to write an apartment number after my address and i'll officially *really* live in the middle of nowhere.

eggboy and i have conversations these days that center around things like garbage disposals as birthday presents, who is going to mow the lawn (the goats), and do we really want such a dark stain for our floors (do we??), it's real live grown-up stuff.

well, in my mind, it's pretty much the same thing as building those lego houses that i used to be so good at, only this is going to be better because we actually get to put that hard work to use and live in the thing. is it a terrible idea to want to paint one of the bathrooms the pantone color of the year and plan on repainting it for each new color of the year? if not, what is a good color for a bathroom?

i'm sort of daunted by the task of packing up all of the jars and containers in my refrigerator and moving them quickly enough so that they don't go bad, and i'm a little bit worried about what unintended science experiments i'll find in the back... other than that though, these next few weeks will be a delightful time of packing and cleaning and hooking up the plumbing to our sink and trying to decide if i'm ever going to need my blazers and high heeled ankle boots out on the farm or if i should just give them away to make room for the new overalls that i plan on acquiring.

in other news: i made a red velvet coconut macaroon cake for the latest installment of molly on the range. it's basically one big ass coconut macaroon that you decorate like a cake, because any excuse for a cake, right? right. it's based on the macaroon recipe that i swear by, danny's, and if you are in need of ways to liven up your passover dessert table, this is the recipe for you!