polenta for polenta haters + friday links

scene: the easter bunny and elijah are sitting at a bar, gossiping about all of the cultural mutts that they both have to visit. elijah is filling the easter bunny in on all of the recent news that he learned earlier this week so that when the easter bunny does his rounds, he won't be so out of the loop.

elijah: i saw eggboy eat an entire matzo ball at the seder, so i guess he's not that gluten free anymore? you can probably get away with throwing some hot cross buns into his easter basket.

bunny: i knew he'd come around... what about stoop? 

e: oh, she cut all of her hair off into a pixie so don't you confuse her for her husband or else she'll, i don't know, confit you or something.

b: well, shit. i'll be sure to bring her some extra chocolate crunchy eggs just in case... what about molly?

e: i doubt she's showered since monday, so keep your distance.

end of scene.

ahhh i am so excited for the easter bunny to visit. it's going to be so much fun! i am going to lay in a bed of hot cross buns and eat all of the jelly beans and dye some eggies.

i have another easter side dish for you today, up on betty: it's polenta that will woo any polenta hater (there are somehow many of them in my life, i have no idea why) into a polenta lover. it's packed with a ton of ricotta and springy chives and you will probably (definitely) find yourself standing over the stove, taste testing it just one more time.

go check it out.

friday links


when this passover thing is over*, i am making this here nutella babka.

...also all of these nutso amazing hot cross bun variations: the donut, the breakfast sandwich, the earl grey one, and the tangzhong one

*(who am i kidding, i ate the ham and cheese sandwich from this shoot on the second day of passover.)

how to pronounce kouign amann.

stoop's wedding photographer posted some of her photos this week!

i looooove the idea of naturally dyed coconut sprinkles.

tell me: why have i never made chocolate sugar cookies?

cauliflower rice, daikon rice... my short grain rice is forming an inferiority complex.

a beautiful iced cashew mocha accompanied by real good talk.

doesn't a ricotta cake with pistachio marzipan sound really absurdly wonderful?

samoa matzo crunch (!!!!)

i like to think that when i left new york, this lady took my spot. reading about her new life in the city makes me so happy.


happy weekend, everybody!!!