meat n nuts + giveaway!

i have all of these really hilarious college memories of strolling through the hallways on the way to class or rehearsal when suddenly i'd find myself face to face with my friend john who would be carrying news like,

molly! i know what juilliard needs and it's a rooftop garden. we should probably definitely build one, right?


molly! did you know that a guy in i.t. makes his own beef jerky? here, i got you some.


molly! let's make a concert series!!!!!

always a ray of sunshine, always a good idea, and to hear it all spoken in his big baritone voice was the cherry on top. i'm pretty sure i remember the exact moment when he came to me with the idea for meat n nuts. trail mix with jerky. i was so caught off guard by how simple it was, but then intrigued because i never done heard of a thing like that existing before?!

and so began months and months (years, now) of planning and testing. he'd deliver me nuts, he'd have samplings at my salons, i saw him in california where he told tales of the cow farm he had just visited. i've tried prototype after prototype and eggboy has devoured prototype after prototype, because while i love snacking on and savoring the honey sriracha and black pepper flavors, eggboy sees all of the flavors as delicious and easy manly calories that will make him all big and beefy. (idk, is that how boys think?)

needless to say, i am proud of john and his partners, tyler and michael, and it has been really fascinating to see the development of this yumminess. i also had a ton of fun with eggboy and egg sister doing some publicity shots for them!

today they are launching their kickstarter to raise funds so that they can really take this thing to the next level. to celebrate, they're giving away a sampler pack to one of you people!!! to enter, please leave a comment with the snack mix of your wildest dreams (it can even be like... cupcakes and pork buns...) and then if you'd like to get another entry to the giveaway, share a link to their kickstarter on any of your social media accounts! (this giveaway open to u.s. residents only.) i'll pick a winner at random next week!