you can't pinch me, i'm green on the inside

i'm going to have a tame st. patrick's day because i'm still recovering from saturday night's purim beer pong church basement fest. when did two jello shots, a pbr or three, and a hippie cucumber kale vodka smoothie thing equal a two day hangover? is this why we hang out with eggboy's grandma more than we do other twenty somethings? is this what we get for spending most friday nights with frank underwood, thereby lowering our tolerances to that of a 12-year-old?

it was all worth it though because i got to sing nsync with stefani and dance all 90s like and catch up with an old camp friend. 

we got back from chicago yesterday, but not before mum could pack up a dozen bagels for me. bless her. i was starting to forget the chewy delight of a real life bagel... so now i'm expressing my green spirit by eating a green one with a side of my face in a local newspaper. (if you're in the 847, you can read all about my saul berenson obsession and accidental waffle overdose in the north shore weekend!) in any other situation, i'd be eating this bagel with my new favorite thing, a spread of avocado and crispy turkey bacon, but i have yet to do one of the best parts of getting back from a trip: post-vacation grocery shopping. you know, the kind where you almost need two carts because you have to buy all the things.

in real news, if anyone tries to pinch me for not wearing green today, i'll pinch them right back to cancel it out because i have a green bagel in my belly and that counts. that totally counts.

how are you all celebrating??