in the thick of my ice skating days, when i was about 9, i was in a routine to "it's a small world," where each of the skaters wore little costumes from different countries. some skaters wore flamenco dresses, others wore berets, i think stoop wore a kimono... for some reason no one wanted the costume with the massive sombrero and i just couldn't understand that. the sombrero costume was far superior to the other costumes, and i begged and begged for it. i was apparently the only one that begged and begged for it, so in that moment of receiving our costume assignments, all of my sartorial dreams came true.

i turned 10 during the run of our ice show and to celebrate mum got the biggest sheet cake imaginable to share with all of the other skaters. the entire cake was covered in an edible photograph of my face topped with my beloved sombrero. 

it was so exciting and embarrassing and delicious and amazing and horrific all at the same time. so many emotions. so many please don't eat my faces. so many tasties. what are we doing spending our hours making naked cakes and princess cakes and ombre cakes when we could be printing out edible photos and slapping them on a sheet cake? 

memories of this cake/my sombrero/my ice skating days came flooding back to me when i returned from chicago to find a little parcel in my mailbox, all the way from england. in it was a pack of marshmallows with my instagrams printed on them, in much the same way that my face was printed on that cake. 

holy shit you guys, these things are so cool!

i obviously stuck skewers in some to make cake toppers. and then for lunch, eggboy and i argued over whose face he should bite off first:

it was a little bit more trauma than i wanted for a monday afternoon...

sister mia is on a few of them because she turns eight (!!) on thursday. i also got a few with pictures of cakes because i thought it'd be silly to have a picture of a cake on a marshmallow on a cake. 

i am clearly having way too much fun with these. way too much. and you know me, i am really not one to say buy buy buy since most of the time you could make make make, but really these things are so awesome and no i'm not getting paid to say this and yes you should get all of your cat photos on marshmallows. you can order your own here