friday links

twice my life has been changed by the sugar coated pork buns at tim ho wan in hong kong and this week two red bowls posted a recipe for them and i nearly dropped my phone.

idk why i haven't gotten into this earlier but kurt weill's seven deadly sins is my new jam and faulheit is my fave movement and yes i've been singing along all week. 

i would like this coconut chia seed pudding for breakfast right now please.

lucius bonus track!

i am in love with panda head's kitchen sink series (and not just because she posted photos of my new little sink this week)!

the crepe cake has always been a thing i'm afraid to try, but i think i could handle cute little mini ones.

it's a recipe for kesté pizza and i suddenly don't feel so hopeless about the pizza in my new life. (thank you, alexandra's kitchen, for showing me the way.)

i want an easter basket. i want this grown-up easter basket.

this gnocchi recipe makes me mad at myself for ignoring my inner gnocchi obsessor for so long in the name of eggboy's gluten free-ness. 

have you seen the saveur best food blog awards finalist list yet?! i am not so good at voting things/asking people to vote for things, but at the very least you should bookmark the crap out of these finalist blogs because they're great.

happy weekend!


photos are from an upcoming project... i'll post links to the recipes soon!!