friday links

1. as much as a rustic vibe with antique this and a vintage that might be fitting for a farmhouse, i really want our farmhouse living room to look just like this

2. gimme all the tea flavored yummies! like these chamomile thyme miniature chess pies and these biscuits with earl grey whipped cream.

3. all the butter warmers of the world, just give up: this red butter warmer is it.

4. when i imagine bundt cakes as humans, i get this. (for actual bundt cakes, see this and this and this.)

5. sufjan and son lux and serengeti made a hip hop album

6. kelsey: forages spaghetti, makes me wanna do the same.

7. rob has been working his tail off on the new met orchestra website and it is so fun! i particularly like the interview about jason, the nano scientist timpanist.

8. i am really glad that we live in world where "spring vegetable correspondent" is a real title. and speaking of vegetables, i think i'm gonna jump on this one more vegetable train.

9. these pretty pink onions! you think we could dye easter eggs in there while the onions pickle?

happy friday! yay!