i call it: ikea meets grandma meets farm meets the prettiest dinner bell ever in all the land*.

it still needs some shelves, running water, my vintage pyrex collection, basil and rosemary for the hanging pots, and some ballsy men in gas masks to come in and rip up the 1970s laminate flooring that's hiding asbestos (dear lord).

we're starting to think about other rooms in the house now, which suddenly don't seem so daunting now that we're close to being dunzo with the kitchen. as much work as this has been and will continue to be, it's all so fun because it's like playing house but in real life!

*my dinner bell's name is esmerelda, she was a graduation gift from my dad, she's got enough overtones to last a century, and there was a time when i'd sit in a practice room with her for hours practicing orchestra music.

yesterday, some cool dudes came from south dakota to shoot a video for ota + pollen. having that scheduled was a good kick in the rear to really get things going on the kitchen last week. it was a super fun shoot!! they helped me style my matcha green tea peeps by biting off their heads ever so artfully, and the day ended over bigass steaks. i don't think i was as awkward in front of the camera as i thought i'd be (or maybe i was??), although when they asked me to list all the things i like to make, i found myself in a forrest gump situation, listing off every kind of cake i could think of. layer cakes. mini cakes. cupcakes. bundt cakes. upside down cakes. oops.

speaking of cake, i have a ton of cake research to do today (of the ombre kind!), so off i go, but first, some links:

son lux released an ep and one of the tracks features lorde. it's almost too much to handle, it is just so good. it's what i'll be listening to on repeat until further notice.

all of the above photos were edited with the vsco film 05, which includes the choice film of my youth: kodak gold... such nostalgia...

also on the subject of photos, i have been really loving the ones over on vegetarian ventures and dolly and oatmeal.

miso + coconut on a chicken is a combination i need to experience on the asap.

dave barry's manliness manifesto is pretty wonderful. eggboy is using it as a guide for how to grill steak.

the kitchen renovations of a couple cooks and smitten studio have been huge inspirations for eggboy and me.

speaking of a couple cooks, its co-author sonja shared her cancer story this week and it is amazing in the most unexpected way. 

i need this grapefruit in my life.

i don't know what my instagram feed looked like before i started following cococakeland and i don't wanna know.

cat curling.

happy friday, everyone!!!