braised brisket with quinoa risotto

hey check out all this meat, you guys! i had to be kind of a bitch to get it. correction: i didn't have to be, i just sort of was when i realized how difficult it'd be to find. after searching at way too many groceries around here and asking all too many meat counter men, i found a very very large one at the town butcher that was frozen solid. it was entirely too big, so i had the man go back into the walk-in freezer and dig out another while i cringed at the thought of how long it had been in that freezer. despite jake dickson's voice in my mind advising me never to buy vacuum packed meat and to leave the deckle on and to make sure it is grain fedi bought it. i had no choice. a tear came as memories of briskettown flashed before my eyes.

but i bought it and then i went to target and browsed the dollar section because what else are you supposed to do while your brisket defrosts? and in the dollar section i, for the first time since moving to this tiny town, ran into someone i knew. one of eggboy's friends. i stood there unshowered with brisket on my mind and grump in my system, trying to figure out where i had met her and when it came to me, i still had brisket on my mind, and she asked how i was and i said, i'm waiting for my brisket to defrost. 

i don't know if i was more embarrassed from telling a near stranger about my brisket defrosting or having not showered in a week, but i didn't even think to ask her how the small human growing in her belly was.

such a bitch i am. 

anyway, i got it home, i hurled it onto my counter, i tweeted about it, i said you better defrost by tomorrow goddammit, i frowned. i thought about raising a cow for this very reason. 

in the end it worked out. i made some good smells and a yummy quinoa accompaniment. there were leftover sandwiches for a very long time. one day, i will make a good bubbe

the recipe for this brisket, and its delightful quinoa risotto that uses the brisket's cooking liquids, may be found in my latest edition of molly on the range. passover's a comin! i can't hardly wait!