sweet like honey

just some sugar for your wednesday...

nickel creek is playing a reunion tour!!!! and their new song is addictive and i have listened to it approximately 1,000 times.

i am a food blog's instagram feed makes me want to jump into my phone.

these blood orange meringues!

those bacon ciabatta croutons!

we are leaving for phoenix in one week!! where should we eat? (eggboy wants tacos.)

two red bowls' mochi ball experiments and the conclusion that, yes, you should microwave it.

one day, i will be the proud owner of this cake stand.

the open window exchange flavor collection has just begun and it is beautiful.

these valentines are so yummy and cute.

my annual valentine cake is baked and ready to be decorated!

olympics start tomorrow!!!!! and we got an antenna just so we could watch the ice skating!!!