do you guys all know that feeling of having everything set up for a day of productivity the night before (including having everything in its mise-en-place and not staying up too late watching the house of cards episode with the *ahem* meechum situation) and then the next day discovering that the only cut of brisket available in this town is a frozen brisket and you therefore have to wait until it defrosts and you therefore have no other choice but to let the entire day go towards perusing the marshmallow peeps section at both michael's and target?

it makes me want to make this version of a frowny face:

(say hi, egg sister!)

it's not the most frowny face in the world (because peeps), but it's one i made today out of non-productivity. i hate waiting for the brisket to defrost. am i being silly to rule out the solution of defrosting it in the microwave? don't answer that, i'm already four hours into this, i'm committed. here are some links!

this! is how a cookbook review should be.

it's a tightrope walker cake topper (!!!!!!!!)

mini cakes and mini cakes and more mini cakes. don't ever stop making these you guys.

did you see what state is the happiest state?? (another reason to visit me, despite our lack of brisket options.)

the daintiest little kimchi dumplings i ever did see.

i wouldn't mind a hot tub and this bathing suit.

after reading the first chapter in my chicken mama book and a serious conversation with brian, i have decided that my first chicken will be a silkie

tonkatsu sandwich with the crusts cut off, can't touch this.


...happy friday, everyone!!!!

(oh those pictures are from that hot air balloon ride from a few weeks ago.)