chickpea pizza with harissa and spinach

i have this fantasy that one day i will hear a knock on the door and it will be the postman with a package marked overnight and therein will lie a frozen roberta's pizza. or a frozen lou malnati's pizza. or a frozen any pizza from new york or chicago. 

another fantasy i have is to one day build a pizza oven on the farmstead and become a pizzaiolo (pizzaiola?) using wheat that eggboy grows and cheese from our future cow(s) and/or goats.

another fantasy i have is that kesté will open a location in a dakota.

another fantasy is right out of back to the future two where what's her name puts a pizza in a pink device and cooks it at "hydrate level four please" in approximately three seconds.

uggghhh, i fantasize about pizza so much. i miss me a good slice.

this week on molly on the rangei'm sharing a recipe that has kept me afloat during those pizza nights when all of my new york friends are instagraming their grimaldi's and their tottono's and i am all kinds of jealous. it's a chickpea crust (gluten free!) topped with my new favorite condiment, harissa. it's not an imitation of my favorite new york or chicago pizzas by any means, but it's absolutely delicious in its own quick, easy, and healthy way. go check it out!