hiking and i go together like cinnamon and tomato sauce. an itsy bitsy pinch of cinnamon in tomato sauce makes it like wow what is going on in my mouth this is otherworldly amazing and an itsy bitsy amount of hiking in my life makes me all wow i feel great i wanna take over the world watch out everyone. if it's just the slightest bit too much the tomato sauce sucks and i shut down and i whine and i just want to eat all the turkey jerky and absolutely not pee in a bush. 

i have done but a handful of hikes and they were all so drastically different. there was the worst hike in the history of hikes, there was the shortest hike in the history of hikes, there was the most humid and asian hike, and then the most historically pleasing and jewish hike. they have gotten progressively less sucky and have lead me to the decision that, yes, i really do enjoy hiking with the correct company, the correct outfit, the correct hydration, and the correct snackees.

hiking in arizona was not unlike hiking the masada. it was hot and dry and rocky. one big difference was that in arizona we didn't have dafna the tour guide giving us a rundown of what before-the-common-era battles happened where and how our very trail shaped history. in place of that we had lots of cactus friends being all erect and hilarious, reminding me of super mario when he bounces through the desert trying to avoid the quick sand.

we went on two hikes, which was not many compared to the rest of the egg family. they are hikers with a capital h.

camelback // wonderful! awesome! a really great challenge for my short little legs and really great overhead views of super swanky mansions.


flatiron // we walked around a little, ate a bunch of jerky, and then ended up here:

i mean isn't it the cutest?

why would you want to be scrambling when you could be eating half a cobb salad with no dressing at an old timey saloon with a fatty dinner bell out front? yeah that's what i thought!

p.s. how hipster does eggboy look? he dressed himself.