i did not barf and mum did not freak upon reading my obligatory tweet from a hot air balloon. i'd call that a success right there! so when you add the egg family, the arizona views, and a celebratory toast complete with cake and champagne, oh yes, i'd call that a quadruple success.

with the prettiest rainbow balloon, we floated ever so daintily 2,000 feet above the ground in a little wicker basket. we looked down at cacti, swimming pools, and doggies who went wild at a high pitch from the balloon. we waved to new friends down below and dropped little plastic parachute men. it was a moment i'll remember forever.

we are back from arizona! 

and what a joy it was. that state, as it turns out, is for more than retiring, eating tacos, and going to party schools. (forgive me for ever thinking that.) arizona is for achieving hikes you never thought you could, 25 mile walks, and margaritas with friends you last saw at midnight in hong kong. 

i am off to unpack and launder my grotesquely dirty hiking clothes but i will be back soon with pictures of my new cactus friends and tales of tacos and tortas.