naptime in a bed of stuffing

you know, for how good stuffing tastes, you'd think it'd dress a little nicer for the occasion. it always looks so disheveled and unkempt, like please, we are at an event, would it have killed you to run a brush through your hair? (i guess i shouldn't talk?) it was probably stuffing's beat up homeless look that kept me from trying it for the first approximately 18 years of my life. if someone had told me that it's just bread with a few harmless vegetables and tons and tons of fat, i would have been all in.

maybe that was my family's plan all along: keep molly alienated from the stuffing so that there's more for us.

oh well, they won!

but now i'm making up for lost time. i've been dipping my toes in these past few years with challah stuffingsufganiyot stuffing, and a soon-to-come bagel stuffing, and now i'm thinking i'm grown-up enough to make a boozy one. it's inspired by shelly's pretzel panzanella, it references my past life as a mustard collector, and it requires you to open a can of beer, pour a little bit into the stuffing, and then pour a lotta bit into your mouth because what is a giant dora the explorer float without a slight buzz anyway? oh, and bacon!!!!! duh. 

this recipe is over on jones dairy farm's stuffing microsite! it might be one of the jolliest sites ever, because my stuffing is cozied up next to outrageous things like cinnamon roll stuffing and hawaiian sweet bread stuffing and a bagillion other casseroles of love that i just want to take a nap in once i'm all tryptophanned out and ready to explode. 

thanksgiving is in 15 days people!!!!!!!!!!! get jazzed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thank you so much to jones dairy farm for sponsoring this post!!! they are the bee's knees and you should all check out their stuffing site because it's got >25 stuffing recipes, a stuffing vs. dressing poll (team stuffing 4ever), cooking tips, a $1 off coupon, and a really great aqua/lime green color scheme. follow them on fb and twitter for giveaways, tips, and other fun goodies!