cranberry cornbread parfaits + friday links

today i finally unpacked from my new york trip. i found: smashed halvah, socks i assumed were eaten by the washing machine, a t-shirt from sammy's roumanian that i promptly gave to eggboy, and a whole bunch of clothes that should have been hanging up for the past two weeks. oops! so that's where i'm at. and this weekend i plan on continuing to get my shit together/become a grown-up/not eat any more fried cheesy pickles because i had my first wedding dress fitting yesterday and i don't wanna talk about it/etc. what do you all have planned for the weekend???

here's a recipe for cranberry cornbread parfaits that i did for west elm's blog! it's an easy peasy brunch recipe and a way to use up thanksgiving leftovers, all layered up in a rustic jar of glee. i'll be over on the west elm blog all month with fun thanksgiving brunch recipes, so start your brunch club engines, ladies and gents!!

friday links!

i thought i was going crazy because for the first time in months (years?) i recently found myself not wanting to go on pinterest. my feed was acting all pooey! it turns out i'm not the only one that felt that way, and luckily there is a solution for getting your pinterest feed back to normal!!!

 tahini and za'atar made two appearances together this week!! such lovebirds, they are. here they are with brussels sprouts and here they are with squash.

everything bagel cheese. i repeat: everything bagel cheese.

do you guys ever use silicone lids?? i never gave them a second thought, but then gir sent me some of their lids and i've used them 238743896340984 times since. i do not remember life before them.

i'm still working my way through all of the outrageous recipes that exploded onto the internet for jessica's baby shower. there is a list of all of them with links here!

hey, this salad is tossed with bacon fat.

this recipe for banh mi rolls is making my little middle-of-nowhere sandwich life complete.

this remixed version of sufjan's "the human plague" is the prettiest.

a crazy look behind the scenes at parody twitter accounts.

michelle made my funfetti cake and covered it with her perfect (malted!) chocolate frosting and i want to stick my head in it, ostrich-style.

why yes, i *would* like to fry a whole head of cauliflower and then smother it in tahini sauce. like right now.

savory muffins, savory waffles, give me all the savories, plz.  

happy weekend, everyone!!!


p.s. there is still time to enter my aloha giveaway!!!