chocolate peanut butter breakfast mousse + a giveaway

this week has brought big, fat, snowflakes. thick juicy ones that require us to break out into the schmaltziest of christmas songs while we brew our coffee in the dark of the morning. 

it hasn't really stuck yet, but the christmas shit has hit the shelves,

gingerbread recipes are on my brain,

and i'm slowly adding on a new winter layer by way of bagels and salted butter. (someone stop me or else my wedding dress isn't gonna fit.)

it's happening you guys, winter is totally happening.

for a second there, when the weather was so darn warm during harvest, i was worried that this winter would be one of those freak winters that doesn't have snow. but lolz who am i kidding, those don't really happen here in the north pole, especially during a polar vortex, which by the way is coming for a visit next week!!

i'm so excited i could spit. 

i'm going to hibernate and mull two servings of wine to have with our supper and only watch christmas movies when we don't have homeland to catch up on. but speaking of homeland, i am stressing out about it this week for obvious saul berenson reasons. ughhghghgh. 

so here's a little festive recipe for you to eat in the morning by the window as the snow sprinkles down from the sky. it's mousse inspired by ashlae's two ingredient mousse, and oh how it's breakfasty, let me count the ways: it's made with yogurt! so it's sort of reminiscent of those yoplait whips that i used to get when i was still fearful of grown-up yogurt. it's got peanut butter, so, protein. and it also has hidden green things in it (!!!!!!). i mixed in one of those aloha packets, which is basically a bunch of green veggies condensed down to a powder. you can't really taste it in this mousse + that's one less salad you have to eat later in the day = four bagels' worth of wins. the type of chocolate you'd like to use is up to you: for an extra healthy version, use a super dark chocolate, like 75% or 80%. for a sweeter version, use milk chocolate. you could also experiment with different yogurts. i like using the plain jane variety because i find that most yogurts are just 2 sweet 4 me. and then when you're done, finish the suckers off with some fruit and another dollop of yogurt and dare i say, sprinkles. because...breakfast mousse should have breakfast sprinkles, no?

chocolate peanut butter breakfast mousse

makes 4 servings


7 oz chocolate, chips or broken up into pieces

3 tb creamy peanut butter

a pinch of salt

1 packet aloha daily good greens chocolate blend

1 c plain yogurt



first: i find it easiest to have all of your ingredients measured out and standing by (cooking show-style), as well as four jars or containers and an electric hand mixer. 

heat your chocolate in a double boiler or large microwave safe bowl, microwaving in increments of 30 seconds, until it's just melted. try not to get it hotter than it needs to be.

if using a double boiler, pour the melted chocolate into a large bowl. (if you microwaved it, you can keep it in the same bowl.) with your mixer, beat in the peanut butter, salt, and aloha blend until combined. add the yogurt and beat for 30-60 seconds, until it begins to thicken. transfer to your jars and then, i mean, you *could* eat it now, but it's best to let it set up for at least half an hour in the fridge.

have yourself a classy, mousse-y breakfast!


if you'd like to win an aloha trial pack, leave a comment telling me about your favorite way to incorporate chocolate into your breakfast! open to u.s. residents only. update: this giveaway is now closed.

thanks so much to aloha for sponsoring this post!!!! all opinions are my own!