breakfast hasselback sweet potatoes + friday links

putting sriracha on it, spreading it with nutella, covering it with sprinkles... these are a few of the elite actions that i keep in my back pocket for when i need to a) salvage a dish that i royally screwed up, b) elevate something that would otherwise be just a little bit too basic, or c) recover from reading too much heavy news. to this list i would like to add: hasselbacking. so jolly, so easy to do, and it looks so cool! you can hasselback a lot of things: salami, zucchini, tomatoes. the original, of course, is the potato, so today over on the west elm blog, i have hasselbacked a sweet potato and added bacon and eggs to make it a perfect little pocket-sized brunch. go check it out!!

eggboy and i are off to chicago for a bit! we'll be celebrating stoopie's birthday, having our first of two thanksgivings (!!!), and i'll be going inside of the tv to be a jennie-o turkey girl! it does not involve me dressing like a turkey, unfortunately, but i will be demonstrating some fun thanksgiving sides and desserts on air. i can't wait! i'm nervous and excited and praying that i don't accidentally tell the anchor to please toss this salad. so if you live in chicago, tune in on monday and tuesday morning! i'll be tweeting exact channels and air times.

have a great weekend everyone!!!! 

friday links!!!

this guy opened a rogue trader joe's in vancouver and i really want to do the same in grand forks.

hi, look at this massive squishy egg nest. if anyone should have it, eggboy should, right???

go to this post for the ramen donuts, stay for josh's joshness. 

i would like a winter ball to wear this convertible pouffy dress to, please and thanks.

these maple oozy gooey butter cake bites. i could see myself eating entire batch in one sitting.

i'm a sucker for temporary tattoos these days.

ariko inaoka's photos, how beautiful are they??? i especially love the erna and hrefna series.  

ellen made my red velvet macaroon cake in miniature tiered form!!!!

this brussels sprout & hazelnut gratin looks sooo perfect.

kelsey has a new elk friend + fig pull-apart bread (!!!!)

coconut oil pie crust!

mandy's new series, "the shit i eat when by myself," is so real and fantastic. 

my friend talia has an entire radio show about pizza and i've spent the week listening to the backlog and i love it so much.

can all of my ice cream cones come with little bunny cookies and christmas trees?