pinot noir marshmallows + a bonfire

over the radio, jeremy played his goldberg variations and out the window, a large flock of birds flew all oblong-like in that pretty way that birds do. i kept looking left and looking right to check for people and other cars, but there was never anyone else, not even on the highway. 

it was like being on another planet or in another time, but no, it was just north dakota being all zen and unassuming. 

i ended up at my friend evan's ranch, where we lit a fire in an old tractor part, and pet the cows as the sun set. we roasted weenies and talked about china, told our halloween stories and fed the doggies. i had s'mores and a sausage and it was the perfect sunday supper, or just the perfect sunday in general: all cozy and animal-filled. 

i do love a good bonfire.

the crackly sounds. cooking things on sticks. driving back into town, stopping at the target, and smelling like a smokey burnt up log. 

bonfires almost make me want to delay the first real snowfall. almost. 

here was our little fireside menu:

for noshing // leftover halloween candy

for melting // s'mores with pinot noir marshmallows

for roasting // bourbon smoked sausages and hot dogs

for sipping // kendall-jackson grand reserve pinot noir


thanks so much to kendall-jackson for sponsoring this post!!!! all opinions are my own!