1. if ever you find yourself in chicago, you simply must go to dillman's and eat a matzo ball the size of your head.

2. a few weeks ago, my darling lemon thyme went to vietnam and instagrammed all about it and it was one of my most favorite things. a pop of color to a snowy instagram world.

3. this blog is so wonderful and creative. it combines food and... (wait for it) books! i made a little appearance on it yesterday where i admitted that i am a full blown book abandoner.

4. whenever this lady posts a photo of a new photo prop, i nearly barf because it is so pretty yet so vintage and one of a kindy. i mean she has heart shaped cast iron cornbread tins!

5. out of the bazillion cookbooks i got at the library last week, this is a cookbook by max and eli sussman has got to be the one with the most chutzpah and the most recipes that i actually want to try.

6. sista had me at tahini. i'll best be making these soba noodles soon.

7. if you have not read nico's review of the new beyonce album, you should.

8. can anyone point me in the direction of a homemade boloney recipe?