does it say something bad about my jewiness that until last week i had not one single solitary clue that there exists an entire jewish arbor day? 

tu b'shevat.

it's a birthday for trees. you plant them, you add one to the age of existing ones, and then you eat special thingies! figs, dates, pomegranates, others of the seven species... it begins tonight.

so i made a tart about it inspired by this hot babe of a tart from my darling lemon thyme and it is featured in the first article of my--oh yeah i gotted a column! i gotted a column!

you are officially reading the blog of a columnist for the jew and the carrot and i'm as smitten as a kitten. i never done had a column before! it feels less like carrie bradshaw than i expected it to, but i suppose that's my own fault for wearing flannel and living in a dakota.

twice a month, in molly on the range, i will be sharing some jewy or israeli goodness made right here in rural middle of nowhere thousands of miles from the nearest deli, u.s.a.

ok now go make this tart!