today is going to be a productive day! after yesterday's kvetchvest about the difficulties of being nocturnal, i slept for 18 hours (with one break to make really good turkey chili). so i've been up since 5 am doing laundry, eating chili leftovers, looking at social media, and making eggboy a respectable farm lunch. i am really proud of it because everything is homemade and a few of the veggies are from eggboymama's garden.

in a perfect world, the eggs would have come from our own chickens and the bacon would have been home cured... but we don't have chickens yet and i don't know how to cure things yet. so there's that to aim for. 

also i made the font in the photo! i bought a stylus and the ifont app and i have been having so much fun with it.

here are links to the recipes that went into today's farm lunch (and remember, everything's gotta be gluten free, dairy free, and mostly sugar free for mr. egg!) : 

pistachio and almond cake


leek + walnut pesto (sub almonds for walnuts)

turkey chili  (i omitted the sugar, it totally doesn't need it)

happy friday, erryone!