our california trip feels like way too forever ago even though i think it was just last week that we returned. i think. i'm knee deep in the cruel process of becoming nocturnal for my hours at the bakery and my sense of time is off the deep end. which is turning out bad in regards to remembering to shower. 


let me just tell you about some delightful goings on from california:

after our little bit of time in los angeles, we took the choochoo along the coast down to la jolla, where we woke up the first morning to one of every kind of donut from san diego's donut bar, care of my pops. we then celebrated my grandpop's 90th birthday and stoopie and john's marriage with a bunch of california relatives in the typical yeh fashion of lots and lots of chinese food.  

the next day we went on a juice cleanse which was just the dumbest thing evar because 1) also on that day we drove to the mountain town of julian which is famous for their apple pie, and 2) it's a (excuse my french) fucking juice cleanse. egg and i gave up together at around 7 pm by way of a shitton of pie and that was so much fun, it almost made the tiresome day worth it.

we also spent an afternoon exploring the beautiful balboa park with my silly awesome auntie cathy. and, ohmygosh, that night, i ate all the things animal style at in-n-out. my one annual in-n-out. how i love thee. you are so gooey and crispy and salty and milkshakey. swoooon.

one non-edible highlight of the trip was the music. the la jolla summerfest, as always, presented some really rad performances. one of my favorite was the linden quartet playing beethoven opus 132. that heiliger dankgesang i just want to bite into it and let all of its guts oooze out everywhere. it is so good. the lindens were so good. everyone go track them down.

oh and pops played too, wagner's siegfried idyll. i like that piece i think.

...we left california with full tummies, full hearts, and increased wisdom re: juice cleanses (and not before waving hello to the little seals down by the cove).


here is an old post with a few of my favorite places in la jolla and san diegobut to that list i'd like to add:

herringbonethere are trees inside the restaurant! and the food is fresh and yummy. i went there for lunch and wanted everything on the menu.

prepkitcheni had a pork taco thing with an egg thing on top, it was sooo flavorful.

julian : it's a day trip from la jolla, and it's a super adorbs mountain town with pie restaurants every two feet and a really cute tea parlor off the main road. there are also some great antique shops and a camel farm along the way.