today is a very special day! i get to make eggboy's farm lunch for the first time.

i can barely grasp how excited i am to have the responsibility of making eggboy's farm lunches. there is a serious culture around here with farm lunches and my inner seven-year-old who is obsessed with tupperware, bento boxes, individually wrapped things, and travel sized things is just ecstatic

based on my little knowledge so far, i have learned that a good farm lunch has a few requirements: 

1. it must be packed in durable containers so that it can be safely tossed around the tractor. meaning, we get to splurge on the good tupperware and stanley thermoses!!!

2. often it must consist of foods that can be eaten with just one hand to allow for those days when you don't get a break and you have to eat while driving a tractor. 

3. it must be very big! eggboy worked for 15 hours yesterday, which i hear is normal during harvest, so he and his farmer friends need trillions of calories.

eggboy's dietary restrictions add to the challenge: no gluten, dairy, fried foods... and not really any processed foods. so i can't really just pack up 12 pb & j sandwiches like some of my guy friends in college did.

for the inaugural farm lunch, eggboy will have use of both of his hands, so i packed a bunch of fork dishes: 

israeli salad, hummus with bacon, a cucumber from the garden, kale from the garden, miso dressing, raw almonds, a cute packet of guacamole, a fuji apple, bean soup c/o eggboymama, kidney beans with smoked maldon salt, and slow-cooked shakshuka.*

...and a handwritten note with a norwegian vocabulary word (because regular love notes are so 20th century).  

*i discovered by accident that if you slow cook shakshuka (at a simmer level for about 30-40 minutes once you crack the eggs in), it is even better than the original.

i'm so excited. it feels like first day of school!