1. required, or else we're not friends: a fried chicken sandwich from son of a gun, an english muffin and other tasties from huckleberry

2. suggested sweets: salted caramel macarons from lemonade  (with a post-macaron stroll on abbot kinney), a shot of gelato from vitalyand an ice cream sandwich from mashti malone's (rosewater flavored for the brave).  

3. if you have swagger, a designated driver, and the desire to bowl and go in secret photobooths: go to the spare room at the roosevelt hoteli am nowhere near hip enough for this place, but you probably are.

4. braid your hair and do your makeup in the car. you'll be sitting in traffic for long enough, and that is what boys are for, they do the driving so that you can primp. 

5. set your damn alarm. one parking ticket = approximately six son of a gun fried chicken sandwiches. 

6. meet up with college friends, birthright friends, aunties, everyone you know: they're wise, ambitious, and inspiring. 

7. after your stroll on abbot kinney (see #2), swing by the venice canals for the most insane cute attack you've had since your last trip to europe. reserve a few minutes afterward for daydreaming.

8. do: appreciate the colorful storefronts, houses, and design. don't: assume you'll be walking as much as you would in new york and stuff yourself as such. do: take advantage of the fresh produce.