when eggboy isn't working in the field, we've been enjoying knocking around town and immersing ourselves in it's cuteness. there is the bakery with sticky buns the size of my head, the coffee shop with the world's smallest art gallery, and on saturdays, the farmers' market (but last saturday it was more a craft market since no veggies have grown yet!). on friday we celebrated pizza friday at the town pizzeria and yesterday we had a belated taco tuesday at the red pepper, where one taco costs right around a dollar. 

i'm going to be a small town human! i can't even believe it. i think me + a small town will be a perfect match because always in new york i'd be paralyzed by all of the options. i mean, ok, yes, i will definitely miss being able to have a salty pimp and a concrete and a bouchon macaron all in one day... but i do believe that i'll love seeing familiar faces and getting to know the town puppies and having a standing breakfast date with eggboy at a place where they know us and have our orders ready before we even sit down.