bit by bit i am getting to know the ways of the farm. aside from being presented with a poor little baby bunny that was dragged in by one of the farm cats, it is pretty rad.

on a typical day, eggboy and eggdad wake up and give themselves enough time to read the paper, discuss the new top 40 hits, and have some of eggmama's super awesome strong coffee. eventually they make their way out to the fields to do farm things.  

while they farm, i cook and edit photos and work on tying up loose ends in brooklyn (who wants my apartment??).  at night, when eggboy gets in, that's my favorite time! we sit on the couch and intertwine our legs and eat popsicles and watch movies and plot our plan of attack for the music/bakery barn that we want to build one day. 

a couple of days ago egg and i climbed up a big tall thing that towers over the grain bins (the part with the stairs in the bottom photo) and we had a simba moment as he pointed out the land that his family owns. it is so pretty! it is just this beautiful sea of land and it is so fun to think about how there are little foods just waiting to pop their way out of it!

the planting season has had to be really late this year because of so much rain, so there aren't any tall crops for me to frolic around in (i don't even know if that's allowed or if the crops even get that tall), but i did get to go in the tractor while it planted soybeans. it was slightly scary because i never done been in a vehicle that big and with so many pointy-looking things. 

other highlights around the farm have been having the neighbors over for a mega pizza cook-off, hearing stories from eggboygrandma about growing up on a farm (her farm was so self sufficient that she was barely affected by the great depression!), and falling asleep in beautiful wonderful silence.