we drove on the back roads, not the big roads. we drove past the farm where his grandma grew up and we admired the big oak trees that lined the pathway to the house. i took pictures of the sky and he said how nice it was to be surrounded by so much of so little. just the fields and the clouds and the occasional red barn.  

we welcomed ourselves with breakfast burritos and walked them off as we poked our heads into shops filled with jewelry and soaps and magazines made right there in town. at the park we swung on swings and discussed polyrhythms and swatted away mosquitos before going inside to make cherry marshmallows and graham crackers with his sister and her beekeeper boyfriend.   

into the night we biked by the river, over a bridge, and through plenty of bug guts. tell me about your first smooch, said his sister. ok but then tell us about yours, we said. 

a midnight s'more and a morning sticky bun later, we drove back from one very good trip.



places in fargo i met and loved

hodo lounge it's part of the hotel donaldson, a cute boutique hotel. their wild rice burger was yummy in my super hungry tummy.

juano's mexican restaurant breakfast burritos served all day.

unglued super cute crafts and gifts made by local artists.

tochi's a great health food store with lots of asian ingredients, including half a pound of black sesame seeds for two dollars!!!!!!  

zandbroz variety an indie bookstore that also sells an anthropologie-esque selection of soaps, kitchen stuff, and stationary. 

proper & prim if i wasn't with eggboy, i would have stayed in this store all day trying on all of the colorful and really reasonably priced dresses.