by louise of laid off mom


Our family has had a great love affair w/ dumplings for a couple years now.  

The moistness, the authentic flavors, and the fact that they’re fresh + handmade, always keep us coming back for more!

The hubby works at Nokia here in San Diego, and every month 

the dumpling man 

travels in his van and delivers handmade dumplings to the employees…




In no fancy, commercial vacuum sealed bags…the dumplings simply come packaged in Ziploc bags that are then organized in grocery bags for each employee who placed an order.


We always get 2 kinds of dumplings…these soup balls and the pork/shrimp ones:


These are our faves!

The soup balls are THE BEST and are often gone far quicker than its pork/shrimp counterpart.  When you bite into the soup balls, there’s a delicious broth that oozes out and there’s always a danger that you may burn your tongue.

Between my hubbs and our 2 girls, we can eat 20-30 dumplings in one sitting!

And the soy sauce…NOPE!  We hardly ever eat it with soy sauce or any sauce for that matter!  I dunno if its how the dumpling man makes these, but the dumplings are great without any additional flavors added.  Any soy sauce just ruins it for me.

Me + Dumplings = BFF’s

-louise edu

this post is part of the dumpling a day while i'm away  guest blogger series. i'm in israel right now so i've gotten some awesome bloggers, photographers, and writers, to showcase delicious dumplings. if you're interested in being a dumpling guest blogger, send me a note at yeh.molly@gmail.com. yay!