my summer is here. i thought it would never come. i thought i would shrivel up in sweaters with soup all around me and an ad lib snooze button and a perpetual want to go on pinterest. but here i am with a suitcase filled with farming clothes, concert clothes, camel-riding clothes, and stretchy pants (that will allow for serious dumpling eating), and i am ready to go. brooklyn, be well! i am off.

here is where i am off to:

week one: chicago. to see my family and turn 24.

week two: hong kong. to eat dumplings and play the gong.

weeks three-five: minnesota. to learn how to farm on eggboy's farm!

weeks six and seven: israel. for a culinary birthright trip.

weeks eight and nine: chicago and michigan. to chill, jump in a lake, and go to ravinia.

week ten: new york. to teach kiddoes the drums.

also: massachusetts, throw a pig roast, california to celebrate mr. & mrs. stoop, and pennsylvania for summer camp.

the obsessive documenter in me will be consistently posting to show you things like my first tractor drive and my first dead sea dip, but there will be some stretches where my internet won't be reliable. so... i am looking for guest bloggers! if you want to put together a dumpling-centric post, such as a recipe or a poem about dumplings or a photo montage of the prettiest dumplings you ever saw, send me a shout at 

happy summer, everybody!