my nail colors are getting brighter and brighter,

i've been eating ramp pesto by the spoonful,

my technology has been moving slower than a sleepy sloth,

it's the more complicated alliterations that get me,

a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen, but so is a wonderfully exquisite beautifully clean kitchen,

there has been country music playing on my pandora?

i've been brushing my hair and it feels quite nice not to be on the verge of dreadlocks every day,

i've been busily preparing the most awesome itinerary ever for when jaclyn and katie come to visit this week (and doing stomach stretches to allow for the large amounts of cake that we will be consuming).

ooh and check out these photos that donny took of me for the big gay ice cream book:


i was going for a bit of kimmy gibbler meets harajuku. you know, to keep my asian roots present as i demolish a salty pimp