greetings from 4-in-the-am hong kong after waking up from a bad dream about the night's watch and staying up from jet lag! jet lag is poopy. i should have listened to my gut and taken a benadryl so that i could have slept through the night. but i didn't because part of me was afraid of sleeping too much and not having enough time to practice the gong before boarding a boat that one of aziz's friends chartered for the afternoon.

so i figured out my eating plan for the next week (it includes shengjian bao, which are like pan fried soup dumplings. i think. and peanut butter stuffed french toast!) and then i got an email from eggboy telling me about the 1000 pounds of soybean seed that he just picked! and then i called him on facetime, doubtful that it would work because i thought that both people had to be on wifi, but that's wrong and it totally worked! and i got my very first glimpse of eggboy in a tractor!!!!!! it was the coolest thing ever. he had dirt all over his hands and his tractor was pulling this big thing and the land went on for as long as the eye could see and he even had a cute little thermos with soup made by eggboy mama. 

it made being jet-lagged totally worth it! (says the me that isn't yet falling asleep on a boat later today.) 

and now i am going to try to go back to sleep and dream of dumplings dancing in a field of soybeans.