the weirdest parts about such intense jet lag adjustments are when dreams feel so real and real life feels dreamy, since those two things actually happen at approximately opposite hours of the day for a few days. for example, last night i dreamt that i was late to today's rehearsal because i was shooting the shit with tyrion lannister. (i'll stop the game of thrones references when i'm back in territory that is legal for using hbo go.)

at about midnight chicago time on monday, i boarded a boat in broad daylight in hong kong's causeway bay with about 20 members of the hong kong phil (i'm playing gong and bass drum and about eight crotale notes with them this week). boating around the green-ish water among plops of land felt a little bit life of pi-ish. i'd been up since 3am, and now i was to continue to be up in beautiful cloudy daylight with a boat lady who had a sixth sense for when anyone's beers would be remotely close to finished so that she could be on it with the refill. 

partway through we parked it for swimming and cannon-balling and grilled chickens on sweet squishy buns. it was absolutely lovely and topped off with a rainbow at the end.  

when i got back i slept a really fantastic sleep. and then last night, my pops arrived! he's playing bass clarinet with the orchestra this week. we're about to head to rehearsal. rite of spring is on the program, and today is the 100th anniversary of it's premiere! i hope there are no riots this time?