you guys are funny bunnies. i loved your answers from the mole hill paper co. giveaway and i wish i could send all of you cards with all of your favorite foods on them.

i chose four commenters at random and here are the winners!


chocolate...because duh, chocolate

olives...good alone, in pasta and in booze, enough said

mustard...i love a good, grainy mustard but sometimes the smell is terrible

pears...i'm very particular about the texture and ripeness about my pears and i'm too often disappointed


least favorite: pears. even though i love pears, i don't love them as much as chocolate, mustard and olives.

in between favorite: mustard. mustard brightens up so many things (especially sandwiches), but it's not quite as tasty as chocolate and olives.

in between favorite: olives. my mouth waters at the thought of olives. green, purple, black, pitted, with pimento, without pimento...i absolutely love them. i'm tempted to put them as my most favorite, but can anything go in front of chocolate? no.

most favorite: chocolate. because it's chocolate and it makes everything better and it is the most delicious edible thing on the planet. :)

nylon girl:

1) chocolate - the food of broken hearts and happy hearts

2) pears - they're so deliciously sweet if you get the right one

3) mustard - a ham samich isn't right without it

4) olives - they're delish but weird and sometimes you get a bad one


olive, mustard, chocolate, pear.

these are rated based on the number of times i eat them. pear - daily; chocolate - occasionally; mustard - rarely; olives - never (but olive oil is a ok :p)

if you're one of these four, send me an email ( and you'll soon get a little parcel!!