pleasant pheasant is one of my most most most favorite blogs. it's written by becca, who hangs out with goats, posts adorable cooking videos about vegan treats, and as of recently, makes the cutest stationary. 

becca's shop, mole hill paper co., sells the kind of stationary you want to give your mum (oh shit, i should have done this giveaway before mothers' day, oops). it's also perfect for best friends, boytoys, friends who leave you to go play the drums in germany (i got one of those. you too? awesome.), friends who love handmade things, and friends who simply appreciate the act of receiving real snail mail (which should be every friend)!!! 

and we're giving away some of these cards! not just any cards, but cards that were designed exclusively for my name is yeh!! i'm smitten. they're all food-centric, obvs. and there's a chocolate o'clock one! and a mustard one!!

and they can be yours to send to lovers, friends who would take baths in mustard if they could, significant others who you haven't yet said "i love you" to but want to in a non-awkward way such as with "olive you," pear people, people who might be having a bad day and are in dire need of chocolate... ok, anyone. 

here's what you need to do: leave a comment with these four things in order from least favorite to most favorite: olives, mustard, chocolate, pears. and why. i'll pick four winners randomly, and each of them will win a card! yay four winners!