the smell of challah baking in the oven: that, all day, every day, and no way to adjust to it so that every time you breath in, it is new again.

more mornings like this morning: where breakfast is bread dough and breakfast number two is fresh bread, right out of the oven. and outside it is raining cats and sheepdogs. 

my family, my friends, all of my people, around one big round dinner table, every sunday. or friday. or both. or every morning. 

lunchables: the boloney kind, with jell-o pudding and juice out of a bag. 

one of those fancy manicures where the nail polish doesn't come off, like, ever: so that i don't have to worry about my nails chipping during my summer travels (specifically, on eggboy's farm). and so that i can pack lighter and not have to decide which nail polishes to bring with me. 

a lemonade stand: because wouldn't that be so much fun?!

one hip summer jacket: that will transition seamlessly from a night out in hong kong to a 2am hike up the masada to an evening on the lawn at ravinia. i haven't found one yet, but then again, i haven't looked that hard. suggestions are welcome. 

just, like, one big bowl of cookie dough and a spoon and game of thrones for twelve hours straight.

this list is not totally that much to ask for, right? i'm basically just really looking forward to spending my birthday at home and then jetting off for what is shaping up to be a fantastically awesome all-around-the-world summer. here's to two weeks until i'm a real 24-year-old!