percussionists aside, i don't think that juilliard was a clique-y place (maybe that is just a college thing), but if i had to choose who the cool kids at school were, it would be members of the whiskey collection. not in the asshole way, no way. they're cool in the way that they could get away with wearing sunglasses inside, that their token girl member pioneered the circle scarf's presence at school, that kyle never practiced yet he still won every mock audition, and that on like any given weeknight you'd probably find them drinking beer on corey and alex's pretty upper west side rooftop. oh and then there is the most obvious reason: they make awesome music!! it's beautiful, folk-y, kind of punch brothers-y music. and it's fun and it makes me want to bop my head.

they have their first full-length album coming out soon, so i made currant scones and had them over for a photo/video session and so many cool vibes. it was so much fun and simply the best way to spend a sunday morning.

you can pre-order their album now, and if you are in new york, you should come to their album release show at rockwood stage 2 on april 21.